Case Study

Joyful House


Though we all live in houses, it is easy sometimes to forget how complex they are. Like enormous Rubik’s cubes, they require the alignment of many technical requirements, including questions of spatial arrangement, climate, sustainability, regulation, materials and construction. They are also the result of coordinated work from many people, spanning consultants, authorities, builders and suppliers.

At Mihaly Slocombe, we have detailed knowledge of design-based problem solving and quality construction. That’s what makes us architects.

We understand the specialist expertise of every consultant needed and are able to coordinate their input to ensure the right outcome. We speak the languages of town planner and structural engineer, as well as bricklayer and carpenter. We can help you navigate the tricky waters of design, documentation and construction to ensure your project takes shape as envisioned.

But great architecture is not just technically competent; it is a work of art. Like a tailored suit, the house that we design for you will be unique. We will bring our past experience and design vision to your project, but it will be as strongly shaped by your character as it is ours. We will design your house to capture your personality, lifestyle and aspirations in a home that will last you a lifetime.


The seven phases cover every requirement of your project. Though there is occasionally some overlap across phases, they generally proceed sequentially and together provide a holistic service that will take you from conception to completion.

To give you a general idea of how this works, read on for a brief account of each project phase. The case study uses one of our projects currently under construction, Joyful House.

Our clients, Zytel and Mat, engaged us shortly after purchasing their new home in Rippleside. They loved its heritage character, generously sized bedrooms and large backyard. They disliked the closet-sized kitchen and lack of a proper dining space, which made daily life difficult with three energetic young children. They knew how they wanted to live in the house but needed creative and technical input to make this a reality. It was exactly the type of problem solving we love!

Project Phases






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